Wednesday, January 25, 2012

OH! CNY snacks.. nomnom

Hate CNY, I never made it on the list of zodiacs.
but too bad, I still have luck with those pineapple tarts and cookies.
While some of you.... have to watch those calories~ muahaha

Meow's BACK

Fat people have it tough. If you're fat, people think you're unmotivated and lazy. Worse, if you're fat and you got a hot girlfriend, people automatically say you must be some rich fat f**k. Absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you're suave, charming and your chick is a bimbo.

So this New York Times article confirms it all <> – it's tough to lose weight, but it's even tougher to keep the pounds from coming back. Apparently, your body's metabolism completely goes haywire when it thinks you're starving. They did a bunch of experiments and isolated a potential culprit, the FTO gene, or “fat mass and obesity-associated” gene.

The conclusion: fat runs in the family.

I'm glad I was born without the fatso genes, so I can wear skinny jeans. I am a lean mean rat killing machine with washboard abs. But for all you losers who wonder how I got my figure, it ain't all fun and games. I have an exercise regime. I call it the Arnold Schwarzenegger six pack demolition. Here's how you get to look like me.

What can I say? I'm blessed. Meow.

Check out my abs at OH! Open House 2012, this coming 18 ,19, 25 & 26 Feb!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Time with Yen Lin

Morning kitties,

I had a busy morning yesterday. I trooped all the way down to 58 Marine Terrace (24 bus stops!) to visit Yen Lin at work. Her work is about 70% complete now,  and it is important that I see her work in its early stages so I can decide whether I should commission her for when I build a gallery wing in my chateau. It is something I simply cannot do without.

I arrived when she was still at an interview so I sniffed around the landing myself...

Confused, I didn't know how to ride this bike >:( 

Or how to enter this house >:((( 

Got distracted by the birds...

Waiting impatiently for Yen Lin to come...her prospects of decorating my art gallery are dim.

Yen Lin finally came and showed me where to stand so I got a better idea of how I was meant to look at her art work. 

Finally got on the bike! My legs couldn't reach the pedals though.

Me and Yen Lin's tape. She has used countless rolls of tape.

Me and Yen Lin posing before we enter the elevator. 

Siting on Yen Lin's head gave me a better view of her art work. I enjoyed the view so very much. 

With Yen Lin's help, I got into the house! Ah ha! 

The youngest artist of Openhouse, Yen Lin is currently in her 2nd year in NUS. She studies Literature for fun, and hopes to become a practicing artist one day. After Openhouse, Yen Lin talks of another art show combined with her art class, although they are not sure where they would like to hold it yet. (Hint hint, my humble abode at Evil Empire 48 Niven Road!) 

If I remember correctly, Yen Lin mentioned that she has... NO CATS!!! I was aghast. 

But I guess it is for the best. There can only be one cat in her life. I have decided that I will indeed be hiring Yen Lin to decorate my art gallery. 

Till the next time... 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sorry i've been a busy cat!

As you all may know, I have been on a search to find Marine Parades best restaurants so I can hire their chefs!

On a side note:
So what's this deal with Marine Paraders considering East Coast to be part of Marine Parade? If that's the case then I guess that would include Siglap and Katong too wouldn't it? I'm not entirely sure... anyway it doesn't matter to me because i'm just going to colonise the entire area and name it Cat's Chateau.

Someone educate me on this matter! I'm so confused.

Anyhow, I dug up a few potential chefs...

1. Katong Laksa 

Did you know that "Katong" Laksa refers to the style of Nonya Laksa that is eaten with just the spoon?  The most well known place to eat this is at the stalls around the junction of Ceylon and East Coast Road. Although there are many stalls that now use the name "Katong Laksa", I have found the original. Some (or most) people claim that this is the best laksa in Singapore! Now that's quite a feat. I wouldn't go around throwing sweeping statements about one of the most popular Singaporean dishes, but I suppose you will have to judge for yourself. 

Read the full story here: Original Katong Laksa

I suggest a hearty bowl before heading down to Marine Parade (proper) to house hop! I myself will be dipping my whiskers into some tasty gravy. ^.^

The address is at:
Katong Laksa
1 Telok Kurau Road
(Opp. SPC Petrol Station)
Open 8am to 3.30pm
Open Daily

2. Roland Restaurant
From an insider source, this ex-ACS boy used to be quite the rebel! Never good with the books, he sure made it with food. Roland is actually the *drumroll* FOUNDER OF CHILLI CRABS!

Mr Roland and Mdm Cher  (credits to

I actually visited Roland Restaurant just 2 days ago, and I tried this amazing bamboo clam dish... Honestly I had no idea clams came in that shape. 


Learn the history of Chilli Crab and Roland Restaurant here: Origins of Chilli Crab

This would be a great place to satisfy your hunger pangs after a good tour of all the OH houses! Courtesy of OH, we are offering a free shuttle service back to the Marine Parade CC, which incidentally is really close to Roland Restaurant. You might see me there eyeing some fish in the tanks... Really got my drooling the last time. 

The address is at:
Roland Restaurant
Block 89, Marine Parade Central,
# 06 - 750
Singapore 440089
6440 8205

3. Hilmi Sarabat Stall: President Teh Tarik

It's been said that the presidents driver goes down to this very stall, da baos Teh Tarik and brings it back to the Presidents mansion! There are two shifts, the morning shifts Teh Tarik is made by some AMAZING anonymous man before 1230pm, and the one after by his less amazing partner. But still, probably very very amazing.

The address is at:
Hilmi Sarabat Stall
Marine Parade Food Centre
5.30am to 11pm

So now I really need to hire the Katong Laksa man, Roland, and the anonymous Teh Tarik maker!!! How much would it take to steal them away from their business??? Nothing I can't afford. Alright, all this talk of food is driving me insane... must bug office girl to give me snacks. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cat Marx has discovered ...


The healthier alternative to egg tarts.

Me looking elated with Le Cafe Pastry Bean Curd Tarts. 

**Note dejected egg tart I bought earlier. Ew

Holding in my excitement.

Be very jealous!

Food coma...

Have you guys seen my really cute icon on 

I'm adorable. Really.

xoxo Cat Marx

Monday, December 6, 2010

N-Day Marine Parade!

Hey guys,

check out this video of the early national day parade held this year in Marine Parade.

SM Mr Goh Chok Tong, suggested Marine Parade organise a parade for residents who would not have the chance to participate in the Parade at the Padang.

In an open car park at Marine Terrace (where one of OH houses is located!), uniformed groups made out of girl guides, scouts, members of various MP resident committees, marched proudly for the crowds.

The parade ended with a bang with a 5 minute display of fireworks! 

'I have never been to the real National Day Parade, so I am happy that I got to experience this parade here. It even has fireworks.' - Aishah Mohamad Isa (source: Straits Times)

So nice of Mr Goh Chok Tong to organise this event for his community. Now that I know how talented the residents of Marine Parade are, I should expect a welcome parade for when I make my first appearance on 8th January! (that's when OH begins)

In case you didn't already know, tickets for OH can be purchased from the Marine Parade CC Plaza on the day itself. Do come! I love all the houses and the art works being put into it. I'll give you a preview when I can. :) 

So it's monday morning... i'm up too early. I just needed to bring this nugget of information to you! Back to my cat nap. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hey kitties!

one of our dearest bloggers have featured OH 2011 on her website! Check out the link below to read more:

Thanks SG Girl Next Door! 

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Cat Marx